InterNACHI School ProLab CampusInterNACHI is partnering with environmental testing giant PRO-LAB® to build a second House of Horrors® in Weston, Florida.

PRO-LAB® CEO James McDonnell recently toured the original House of Horrors® at InterNACHI Headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, where he and InterNACHI Founder Nick Gromicko worked for several days designing the House of Horrors® II.

The House of Horrors® is an entire house built inside InterNACHI Headquarters as part of the InterNACHI School. Students can practice performing home inspections by finding a thousand defects purposely installed to advance their inspection knowledge and skills.  The House of Horrors® is open to everyone; members and non-members alike.

The House of Horrors® is built to intentionally include:

  • improperly-wired receptacles
  • plumbing code violations
  • an electrical service full of issues
  • 16 different exterior sidings and stucco finishes
  • 31 different roofing systems
  • cutaway drywall to expose framing members
  • environmental hazards
  • various types of insulation systems
  • improper gutter and downspout systems
  • heating systems with defects
  • three different water heating systems
  • green building features
  • almost 200 different safety concerns
  • an infrared camera training wall and roofing system with manipulated water leaks and electrical issues
  • a sprinkler that simulates rain on the roof
  • safety glass
  • drainage issues
  • roof penetrations
  • notches and holes in joists
  • a full masonry chimney
  • damaged and clogged sewer lines for sewer scope training
  • common code violations
  • a full-size septic system with tanks
  • vents
  • crawlspaces that students can actually enter
  • egress violations
  • clothes dryer problems
  • TPR discharge valves
  • energy loss issues
  • an exterior “deck of horrors” with dozens of issues
  • a set of stairs to access the roof and chimney
  • firewall issues
  • appliances
  • elderly, child, and pet safety issues
  • an improperly installed radon mitigation system
  • a full kitchen with defects
  • a full bathroom with defects
  • a steel grate floor that allows students to see the structure from above and below

Some of the Florida-specific features being built into the PRO-LAB® Campus House of Horrors® II include a hot tub and a partial swimming pool.  Instruction will also cover inspections routinely performed in the State of Florida, including Wind Mitigation Inspections, Mold Testing, and 4-Point Inspections.

As with the Boulder Headquarters’ House of Horrors®, the InterNACHI School-PRO-LAB® Campus will employ only Certified Master Inspectors® as instructors.

Gromicko says, “Florida is home to nearly 2,800 InterNACHI members, more members than in any other state, so the decision to open another House of Horrors® in Florida was easy.”  He continues, “Jamie has been a good friend to me and to InterNACHI going back 25 years, and this project helps meet both of our goals: to give home inspectors all the resources they need to be the best in the profession so they can give their clients the best service.”

PRO-LAB® offers laboratory testing services for mold, radon, lead, asbestos, and drinking water pollutants. Staffed with Certified Indoor Air Quality Professionals, radon measurement specialists, chemists, and registered clinical laboratory technicians, PRO-LAB® uses its knowledge and experience to assist in any environmental investigations, and is the first laboratory to offer all lab supplies bundled together with the lab analysis fees for simplified processing.  PRO-LAB®’s goal is to provide accurate, timely and reliable data, while maintaining the highest level of customer service and technical support in the industry.
InterNACHI — the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors — is the world’s largest home inspector association and education provider, offering inspection-related live, online and video Continuing Education courses and training that have earned more than 1,400 accreditations. InterNACHI-Certified Professional Inspectors® follow a comprehensive Standards of Practice and abide by a strict Code of Ethics to ensure that their clients receive the most professional service possible.
House of Horrors®  is a Registered Trademark of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, Inc.


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